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Dri-Harvest Foods is located in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. We strive to provide healthy, tasty, and affordable long-term food storage. We try to only offer products that we like and would be willing to eat and feed to our families in a crisis. Our Staff has an extensive experience in long-term food storage and general preparedness.   We firmly believe the hour is short and now is the time to set up a food storage program. Today we live in a nation that is highly dependent on a number of very delicate and susceptible centralized infrastructures including food distribution, transportation, power and medium of exchange. If any one of these becomes compromised for any reason, the whole system will unravel.

One of the major differences between Dri-Harvest and other long-term food storage companies is that we strive to provide food that is more “health” oriented. We put Montana honey in our packages (no white sugar), we include long-lasting virgin olive oil, and we include real meat and egg crystals (no texturized soy protein or tasteless powdered eggs). We also make every effort to avoid GMO products and preservatives. We strive for high quality food with long shelf life and high quality calories.



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